D rowned Dreams Jumi Arc

Today is Day


Enter Polpota Harbor. Go Left and go into the mall. Talk to the Flowerling and Mermaid. Go Left to the beach. Talk to Thoma. Go to the town's entrance, go up to the hotel, and talk to the manager. Agree to help.

Go to the Lower Right stairway and talk to the Inspector. Follow the path to the restaurant. Talk to the people there. Go back to the beach and talk to the Soldier. At the hotel entrance you will see a Basket Fish. Go and talk to the Inspector. Ask him all of the questions and just keep talking to him until he walks away. Go to the restaurant to see Thoma. Go back to the hotel entrance to see Thoma and Boyd speak. Go into the hotel and into room on the left. Talk to Thoma.

Cactus sprite

Upon Completion: Return home, talk to Lil' Cactus, go downstairs (watch him write the Event on the leaf), and go back upstairs to save your game before continuing.