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  • The Beginning History

    A twinkling consciousness became a star which sparkled in the night and banished the darkness. The Mana Goddess acquired consciousness by gazing into the light of that sun. She made Fa'Diel, a great land, but so far an empty one.

  • The Moon Gods History

    The Mana Goddess drew beams of six colors from the sun. They became the six moons, each hiding a small deity within. When those gods awoke, they played beautiful music and brought fortune to the land of Fa'Diel.

  • The Names of Stones History

    The six deities became the Moon Gods and demanded that the Mana Goddess name them. So the Mana Goddess gave each of them a shining stone, which filled the air with music: Stars, follow me! Moons, walk with me! And we shall celebrate your names!

  • The Moon's Names History

    Tryne, merciful god of water. Zea, passionate god of fire. Barlen, selfish god of gold. Libleyt, hopeful god of wood. Morphes, wealthy god of earth. Ghazel, whimsical god of wind. The Moon Gods rejoiced, and the Mana Goddess returned to her slumber, becoming the great Mana Tree. Fa'Diel was left to the whims of the Moon Gods.

  • The Creation History

    The Moon Gods created land and ocean, trees and flowers, and gave them light and the power to determine their fate. The light became the Elemental Spirits, riding in the sky. They released bountiful light, and were full of desire to serve the Moon Gods' will. The Moon Gods then finally returned to slumber.

  • Flammies History

    Then, a beautiful yet powerful beast appeared, awakening the Moon Gods. The Moon Gods named this beast of strength and beauty Flammy. Whenever one of the Moon Gods would fall asleep, another Flammy would appear. Eventually, Flammies of all six colors came to populate all the land.

  • Dark Clouds History

    The Moon Gods tried to outdo each other in creating beauty. Sometimes they argued trying follow the Mana Goddess's will and create many beasts. But dark clouds came to Fa'Diel, and the Moon Gods created greater beasts, and set them loose upon the land. The Flammies often quarreled, and the cycle of creation and destruction repeated endlessly.

  • The Hole History

    The trees withered, and the Elemental Spirits lost their luster. The land dried up, and soon thereafter, wars began. As the wars dragged on, the powers of the Moon Gods were lost. The land of Fa'Diel was scarred, and pits to other worlds opened in the wounds. The Moon Gods peeked into the other world, and came to know fear, envy, and desire.

  • Rebirth History

    Cracks appeared in the Mana Tree. Waves of chaos from other worlds came and tried to envelop all of Fa'Diel. Each Moon God chose a Flammy and gave it a stone. The Flammies rode into the sky. They were born of the earth to ride in the sky and return to the earth. They became a flying river of Mana.

  • The Thoughts History

    Fa'Diel was filled with the power of Mana. It healed itself and shut away the other world. The Flammies returned to the Moon Gods, but could not find them. The Moon Gods had lost their memories and became beasts. The six remaining Flammies cried in anguish and despair. The waves in the air settled, and created many thought forms.

  • The Revelation History

    The Flammies turned their backs on the Moon Gods and flew into the air. The Moon Gods turned into stars, and the Flammies never came back down. New concepts came about after the Flammies and the Moon Gods departed, but the Elemental Spirits were afraid and prayed to the Mana Tree, who responded with soft pulses.

  • The Prophecy History

    These formless beings will eventually be given form so that they might live. They will be given the task of creating this world. The thoughts they think will shape the landscape. They will be born into this world in fear and sadness. Sometimes their thoughts may hurt this world, but you must help them build it.

  • Man and Faerie History

    Soon many new beings were born, such as men and Faeries. Man used Mana to power his creations. Faeries amplified the power of Mana with song and dance. Then, from beyond the heavens, six colored beams of light shown down upon the land. Six Flammies gazed upon Fa'Diel, and all life there prospered. A new age had begun.

  • The Dark One History

    The Flammies of legend never returned from their heavenly climb. Below, many similar creatures came into being. For example, dragons reflected the Flammies' divinity, become a race of depp introspection. They took it upon themselves to protect Fa'Diel from its many foes.

  • The Fallen History

    Wyrms are rumored to be Flammies who have fallen into another world. Powerful mages summoned them into this world. Wyrms possess the incredible powers of the Flammies, but they lack their nobility and grandeur. True Flammies are said to appear regal and divine, unlike dragons and wyrms, but no man can truthfully claim to have seen them.

  • The Work of Man History

    Humans were destined to reproduce and populate the land, and they developed the technology to build. Soon they gained dominance over all physical things. The humans who live in this world come in different forms, but they are all humans. Some inherit their forms from their parents, while others are shaped through their experiences.

  • The Work of Faerie History

    Faeries have transparent wings, which are not used for flying, and are shed during growth. Only young Faeries are visible to humans, and their bodies fade as time goes on. Eventually, they become completely invisible to the human eye.

  • The Mana Tree History

    The Mana Tree sustained the bond between the world of humans and of Faeries. Plants exist in both the human and Faerie dimensions. They absorb the Mana of Fa'Diel and release it into the atmosphere. Humans use trees for fuel and tools, harnessing their power within inanimate objects. Faeries use the Mana released by plants to make Fa'Diel a better place.

  • Sorcerers History

    Although not on par with the Faeries, all humans could once harness the power of Mana. The ability to draw on the power of Mana was originally given to all humans equally, but many lost that ability by relying on machines, and losing touch with the natural world. Later, those with the power to draw Mana were called mages.

  • Anise History

    The Great Witch Anise was the first mage to go down in history. Anis bored a hole into the Mana Tree and built her laboratory there. The flow of Mana into both human and Faerie worlds was diverted. Anise constructed a jewel called the Eye of Flame using the vast amounts of Mana in her laboratory. The Firestone brought out the evil of whoever touched it.

  • Unknown Stones History

    In the Age of Myth, the stones that the Mana Goddess gave to the Moon Gods were the most powerful source of magic known. However, some powerful magic users born in later ages possessed similar stones. Anise tried to obtain such a stone when she created the Eye of Flame, but it was difficult to control, and very dangerous.

  • Golden Age Ends History

    Soon, many others learned how to construct their own Eyes of Flame. The waves of Mana became chaotic, and shadows clouded the hearts of man. These pulses tore rifts within dimensions and sent waves of evil into the hearts of man. No longer was all life on the planet descended from the spirits. An age had ended. A world had fallen from its original purity.

  • Uraklius Aeon History

    Evil ruled the land thereafter through men who could control the waves of chaos. Those of truth cried in anguish, but mages, who rejoiced in obtaining new powers, firmly believed that this was the world they wanted. The mages declared the beginning of a new thousand-year kingdom and called it the Aeon of Uraklius.

  • The Holy War History

    Aion, the leader of the Faeries, sent an army to conquer Anise. There, hundreds of Anise's mages battled thousands of Faerie warriors. The battle was fought overnight, and almost all of the Faeries were slain. The few remaining Faeries continued their lives in the land of men.

  • The Hidden History

    Although the Faeries thought that all humans were enemies, they soon discovered that there were those in the land of men who could understand the Faeries. With the help of the humans, they were again able to battle Anise and her mages. Eventually they rose victorious. Unfortunately, during the fight, the Mana Tree burned to the ground.

  • Eyes of Flame History

    Although it was thought that many Eyes of Flame would be recovered from the ashes, only three were found. Aion was banished to the Underworld. He refused to be reincarnated, and became the Lord of the Underworld.

  • The Underworld History

    Aion, leader of the Faeries, created his new servants, the Shadoles. Shadoles were born from the thoughts of Aion, and they brought the newly departed to the Underworld. From this time on, all departed souls are brought to the Underworld to receive the judgement of its Lord.

  • Seventh Moon History

    Anise was killed by a stone called the 'Seventh Moon.' Legend has it that the Faerie warrior who fought against Anise, a master of the Eye of Flame in her own right, bested her using this mysterious object.

  • A Brief Peace History

    After the Holy War of the Mana Tree, the flow of Mana to the world resumed. Before, mages would steal from others, using dangerous magic, but now the land produced enough for all. However, the surviving mages could not stand being equal to their fellow creatures. They sought magic that could make everything their own.

  • Mages' Tower History

    The mages started building towers at Mana Points all over Fa'Diel in order to regain the Eyes of Flame. They took action against the Faeries, who stood in the way of their plans. Whenever a tower was built, an army would come to destroy it. Such wars continued for hundreds of years. Soon, all of humanity came to think of Faeries as evil beings.

  • Mountain School History

    Elise, who called herself Anuella, was the daughter of Anise. She had the power to bring mundane objects to life. After fleeing her mother's self-righteous rule, she settled in the northern mountains and there created a group of dolls who would obey her every command. They came to be called magical beings, and her art was promulgated by mages who idolized her.

  • Artificers History

    There were two types of magical beings. One type was imbued with life. Another type had hidden powers. The latter were called artifacts. Artifacts had weaker magical powers than Eyes of Flame, but were simpler to construct. Creating Eyes of Flame was frought with accidents, so making artifacts became the most popular kind of magic.

  • Argot History

    The king of dragons, Argot, destroyed all the mage towers in the land of Faeries. Argot opened a hole into the other worlds and called forth many monsters. However, records state that he eventually turned to evil, and was banished by the Faeries.

  • Lucemia History

    Argot summoned a wyrm in the shape of a Flammy. He summoned Lucemia, the Wyrm of Light, and the greatest of all the wyrms. Legends says that Lucemia leveled each and every mage tower, and died trying to swallow an entire volcano.

  • The Lilipeas History

    The Lilipeas are a small tribe that settled in the northern mountains. People said that they were similar to Anuella's dolls. Only Selva, who was tall and slim, oft visited Anuella by riding on a bird. Selva often took Anuella's dolls outside.

  • The Ashes History

    In a charcoal-maker's hut, a little girl awaited her father's return. Her name was Magnolia, and her father made a living from hunting and from making charcoal. Selva gave this girl one of Anuella's dolls.

  • Anise's Fire History

    The doll that was brought into Magnolia's room had red stones as its eyes. They were the Eyes of Flame that Anise made, and they burst into flames and burned the hut to ashes.

  • Mage and Ruby History

    Magnolia lost her life in the hut as it burned down, but the doll was saved. The doll began to call herself Magnolia, and she stayed with the Lilipeas, until one day she left with a mage. The mage wanted to steal the Eyes of Flame in Magnolia's eyes, for they contained more Mana energy than the enchanted instruments.

  • Gaeus History

    Anuella saw through the mage's plot. She left the northern mountain, then gave life to a rocky hill so the mage's caravan could not progress further. The living hill called itself Gaeus, and its knowledge seemed deeper, and more vast than Anuella's. Anuella called for Gaeus' help and prepared for war.

  • The Conductor History

    All the Faeries fought on Anuella's side, using many enchanted instruments. The mage's force fell apart against the power of the instruments with infinite Mana power. Anuella came to be known as the 'player of the Flying Contravass,' and as 'the Conductor' among Faeries.

  • Mage Halciet History

    Halciet the Mage was the last one who stood against Anuella. He used a stone called 'the Seventh Moon' and fought against Anuella, but the mages among his army began a quarrel over the stone's possession, and Halciet left the force.

  • Geimaswald History

    The mages made a magic circle with the Eyes of Flame and summoned the Wyrm of Thunder, Geimaswald, to attack Anuella. But the Lilipeas lured Geimaswald into a cave and killed it. The leader of the Lilipeas was Selva of the Four Winds.

  • Eastern Wind History

    It became known to the mages that these instruments could be used as weapons. The mages took the remaining Eyes of Flame and the instruments acquired in the previous battles and fled to the East. There, the mages made instruments with more Mana power and dedicated them to their new lord, Lonway.

  • Emperor Lonway History

    The mages provided Lonway with their magic, and urged him to prepare for battle with the Faeries. Lonway's army then progressed to the ancient city of Mindas to open the gates to the land of Faeries. Many nations used this as an excuse to start their own political battles.

  • Ricrot IV History

    Ricrot IV was supported by Anuella, and was given an army of wooden horses that could fly in the sky to fight against Lonway and his mages. He came to be known as the 'King of Wooden Horses.' Many brave men enlisted in Ricrot's army.

  • Spiritual War History

    Gato Grottoes were Fa'Diel's power nexus, protected by 'the Spirits of the Ascetics.' Many monks fought as soldiers, and the high priests stopped enemies from other dimensions by sending their spirits to battle. Intense battles between the dimensions and other worlds took place in Gato.

  • Rosiotti History

    Rosiotti was a hero who could pierce a warrior's chest with his arrows from miles away. It was anticipated that his bravery and skills would change the war's outcome. However, he only became Lonway's general because Lonway promised him great rewards.

  • The Chase History

    In the midst of intense battles between Ricrot and Lonway's army, Selva of the Four Winds brought his army of Lilipeas and Flowerlings to fight on Ricrot's side. Lonway then ordered Rosiotti to kill Selva. No one had ever escaped Rosiotti's arrows, and the chase was on.

  • Selva History

    Selva kept commanding his army, while fleeing Rosiotti's never- ending chase at the same time. When Rosiotti finally shot Selva's heart with his arrows, he was surrounded by countless Lilipeas. It was then that Rosiotti was told to become a Wisdom, to walk the same path with them.

  • Conjuror Nunuzac History

    Nunuzac was Lonway's best and the most powerful summoner. He summoned Freymold, the Wyrm of Fire, as Lonway ordered him when the tide of war began to turn against him. Nunuzac kept summoning monsters until Lonway was killed, and he himself became trapped in the dimension on the other side of his magic circle.

  • Warrior Olbohn History

    Another army to join the war was Aion's force of 'Creatures of Shadow' from the Underworld. These 'Creatures of Shadow,' or the Shadoles, caught and threw living people into the Underworld and trapped them there. Olbohn the swordsman went down to the Underworld by himself and defeated Aion.

  • Freymold History

    Freymold, the Wyrm that was summoned by Nunuzac, flew across Fa'Diel and burned Rosiotti's jungle to ashes. Rosiotti raged over this event, and later joined Anuella's force.

  • Knight of Truth History

    Lasdanac was the Holy Knight of Ricrot's army who was taught the 'Spell of Truth' by the Faeries. With this spell, he defeated Freymold, but it is told that he later fell to a Faerie's curse.

  • The New World History

    After the war came to an end, Ricrot IV built churches and began compiling 'The Book of Divine Guidance.' He also established the Academy of Magic with a portrait of the great witch, Anise, inside and summoned her spirit to it. Anuella was displeased by this event.

  • Temple of Healing History

    The temples lost many of their monks and priests as they came under Ricrot's rule. All the male priests were taken and sent to the Academy of Magic as magic researchers, to lessen resistance from the religious organizations.

  • Anuella History

    In the years following the war, Ricrot sent soldiers to capture and kill off the surviving soldiers of Lonway's army, as well as the Faeries, which he called 'the Ones with Devilish Powers.' Anuella left Ricrot and locked herself into a place named 'The Graveyard of Artifacts.'

  • Mana Stones History

    The seventh Mana Stone was desired for its Mana power, and it appeared in history many times. Jumis were the first ones to be searched for the possession of the stone. It is said that an uncountable number of Jumis were hunted down and killed for this purpose.

  • Dirt History

    When Jumis were being hunted during the search for the seventh Mana Stone, they died after intentionally lessening the energy flow in their jewel cores. Many Jumis died this way to protect the secret of their clan, and mages began to call them 'lumps of dirt' as a result.

  • Angels History

    There was a new movement in the land of Faeries, as Zuf'ben became their leader. The spiritual waves of the two worlds were becoming magnified, and many expected the worlds to become one. Zuf'ben lamented over the humans' corruption, and called upon higher beings for help. Angels answered his prayers.

  • Janna History

    Angels were beings who serve the Goddess, and cannot normally be seen by Faeries or humans. Seven angels chose to reincarnate in the land of Faeries, and they rode on Janna, a ship with its own consciousness.

  • Incarnation History

    In order to control the Janna, the angels decided to reincarnate into Faeries and humans. The reborn angels would lose their memories, until Janna could awaken them.

  • Malicious Mind History

    Zuf'ben rode Janna and searched both Fa'Diel and the land of Faeries to find the seven angels, but humans attacked Janna, afraid of the flying ship. During the attack, the minds of those onboard the ship were tainted with evil.

  • Unawakened Angels History

    The angels transmuted into their human and Faeries forms, but they lost awareness of their true nature, because they could not sense Janna's benevolence. Some of the angels even joined the battle to gain control of Janna. Janna turned to evil, and villainous people gained demands over her.

  • Ancient Memories History

    Even though Janna had not awakened them, six of the seven angels regained their memories. One cried for a fallen friend, one confronted Janna, one crossed swords with a former angel, one heard the guidance of a Wisdom: Six angels' memories were restored, but the seventh would never awaken.

  • Seventh Angel History

    In the dreams of the six angels, a seventh angel appeared. But he did not answer the calls of the others. He was neither human nor Faerie, but a Jumi. Both humans and Faeries had used the Jumi to strengthen their magic in the war.

  • Janna's End History

    The angels gave up on retrieving Janna, and chose to fight for the Jumi. With help from the Wisdoms, they built a ship to confront Janna, and joined the war. The angels defeated the leader of humans and Zuf'ben, who had become an evil Faerie, and sealed Janna in the dimensional gap. Then they remained in Fa'Diel.

  • Divine Guidance History

    As time went by, 'the Rule for Peace' which Ricrot started changed to 'the Peace for Rule.' 'The Book of Divine Guidance' was used to propagate the empire's religious and political thoughts, and many 'heretics' were hunted down by the empire's army.

  • Deathbringer History

    Irzoile Enaanshalc was the fifteenth emperor of the Enaanshalc Empire, and he was called the Deathbringer. He was a descendant of Ricrot Enaanshalc, a hero in the era of the Faerie War, but his oppressive reign caused the empire's fall.

  • Holy Knight History

    The chivalric code, which Ricrot IV established, produced many legendary heroes in a short time period. Julio Liotte was the most accomplished knight in the empire's army, and thus he was given the title of 'Holy Knight,' and became the guardian of the empire. The Liotte family passed this title down the line.

  • The Halloways History

    To commemorate the souls of heroes lost during the war, Ricrot IV established shrines to the Mana Goddess, and closed down most of the older temples aside from the one in Gato. The Halloway family was a line of priests, but under the rule of Ricrot's empire, its influence diminished.

  • Windcallers History

    The clan of Windcallers could speak to and control the wind. They live quietly in a village by the base of Norn's Peak, and kept their watchful eyes on any intruders that might disturb their way of life.

  • Empire's Fall History

    Irzoile Enaanshalc desired immortality, and sent his army to retrieve the Dragon Stones which the ancient dragons protected. His attempts failed, and he lost his life as a result. But his overwhelming desire for immortality made Jajara, the bone dragon, choose him to become his dragoon.

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