G et Started

Today is Day


When you first begin your game you will need to choose a character (male or female). Then you can choose which type of weapon you would like use. You can buy all weapon types early in the game so you don't have to worry about what type you choose now. However, choosing and sticking with the 1H Sword until level 99 is a good bet if you want to get decent, well rounded stats.

Play Area

Now you need to choose a section on the World Map where you would like to begin. Take a look at the map thumbnail to see where you can start in order to follow the rest of this Walkthrough. Move the map cursor to the top right corner. Now move the cursor 2 spaces to left and then 3 spaces down. You should see water in the left-most column in the 2nd space from the top and in the right-most column in the 3rd space from the top. Press X twice to proceed.

The next screen is a 3/4 view of the map that you just selected (the map is rotated about 45 degrees to right). Now you need to place your Mailbox AF somewhere on this map to create your Home. To be able to follow this walkthrough you should place the Mailbox in the bottom-most row in the 3rd space from the left. You will now automatically enter your Home. (See Map/Land Guide for exact placement of the AF's)

You are now in the upstairs bedroom of your brand new Home. If you ever need to save your game you can come back here and talk to your bed to access the save menu. The following map will show you where everything is located in your Home.

Home Map

Home map locations

Recommended Skills

The quickest path to Flip-Kick:

  • Jump + Retreat (Backstep) = Back-Roll
  • Jump + Crouch = High-Jump
  • Back-Roll + High Jump = Back-Flip
  • Back-Roll + Back-Flip = Flip-Kick

Getting near perfect stats...

Your stats are determined by whatever weapon you used when you level up. So if you follow a certain weapon path you can get near perfect stats:

  1. Use a 1H Sword until you reach Level 83
  2. Next, use a Staff until you reach Level 96
  3. Finally, use a Hammer until Level 99

Battle Mechanics


When you are finished setting everything up and exploring, talk to the Sprouting in Section 1 of the above map. He will eventually give you the Colorblocks AF. Exit out to the World Map and get ready to place the Colorblocks on the map to begin your...