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The tree from Sword of Mana on the GBA, modded by me… for you.

Game Manual


PDF version of the official Legend of Mana game manual.

Save Game (Memory Card)


  • 2 save slots: New Game+ as well a save right before the final event.
  • Custom-forged 1H Sword (101 power).
  • Polterbox pet (for item farming).
  • All the Workshops unlocked (their respective quests recorded in the cactus diary).
  • All level ups had the 1H sword equipped so you can continue the levels using a max-stats guide if you choose.
  • Character name: Chumpy, so you can say “Yes” to the Onion Knight ;)
  • OpenEmu
    Start the game at least once so OpenEmu can create a blank memory card. Quit the game and quit OpenEmu. Rename the downloaded Legend of Mana (USA).mcr to the name located at ~/Library/Application Support/OpenEmu/Mednafen/Battery Saves/Legend of Mana….0.mcr and replace that file with the newly renamed file.
  • RetroArch / RetroPie
    Rename the downloaded Legend of Mana (USA).mcr to the same name as your .cue, .bin, .iso, etc. and copy it to the same place (you may have to change the extension to .srm as required by the core being used). Depending on how you have RetroArch set up you may have to copy the file to ~/retroarch/saves/
  • PSP / PS Vita / PSTV
    This is a tricky one as you need to convert the .mcr to .vmp. The easiest way to do that is with vita-mcr2vmp.
  • The hardest way is with CFW and a PSP plugin called CWCheat.
    • Rename the Legend of Mana (USA).mcr to SLUS_01013-0.mcr.
    • Upload/copy the save file to your memory card at /seplugins/cwcheat/mc/ (on Vita this is located in ux0:pspemu).
    • Load up the game (if you are on Vita/PSTV load the game via Adrenaline).
    • Bring up the CWCheat menu (hold select when the game is fully loaded).
    • Choose “Manage Memory Cards”, and import the memory card using the instructions on screen.

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Legend of Mana Info strives to be the ultimate resource for all things related to the deep world of Legend of Mana. Contained within these pages is all of the knowledge I've attained throughout the many years I've played this satisfying RPG. Enjoy!

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