A Siren's Song Gilbert Arc

Today is Day


Enter Lumina. Go to the Tavern in the western section and enter the Alley there. Talk to the soldiers and go to the Lamp Shop. Talk to the soldier there too.

Enter Polpota Harbor. Take the path between the hotel and the restaurant and talk to Monique. Go to the beach and talk to the soldiers to continue this Event.

Enter Madora Beach and follow these directions:

  • Left
  • Upper Left
  • Upper Left
  • Left
  • Talk to the Mermaid

Now you must walk to the right side of the screen and wait for the mermaid to change into a bubble. Right when it starts to morph, run over to the cage and walk through the gate.

Battle Tropicallo to end this Event.

Cactus sprite

Upon Completion: Return home, talk to Lil' Cactus, go downstairs (watch him write the Event on the leaf), and go back upstairs to save your game before continuing.