T he Looking-Glass Tower Jumi Arc

Today is Day


Place the Moon's Mirror AF in the space directly above Gato Grottoes to create the Tower of Leires. Enter the Tower of Leires.

When you first enter the area you will see Pearl. Talk to her take her into the tower with you. The first thing you must do is take Pearl up to the 11th Floor. You will find 2 rooms with teleportation crystals in them that will help you on your way. Look at the map of the Tower of Leires to help you get to the top or follow these directions:

Tower of Lieres

  • Right
  • Left
  • Left (2nd floor)
  • Right
  • Upstairs (3rd floor)
  • Left
  • Upstairs (4th floor)
  • Right
  • Upstairs (5th floor)
  • Down
  • Left
  • Upstairs (6th floor)
  • Left
  • Upstairs (7th floor)
  • Right
  • Upstairs (8th floor)
  • Lower Left
  • Enter Large Door
  • Search crystal and leave room
  • Left
  • Upstairs
  • Follow the hall until you get to the Room of Fate
  • Enter

When you get to the 11th floor you will have to fight the Iron Centaur. After the battle you will need to escort Pearl out of the tower. Follow these directions to get out:

  • Fall out of the railing on the 11th floor to get to the 5th floor
  • Use the stairs to climb the rest of the way down.
  • Try to leave the tower via the left/right sides of the center foyer near the top of the screen

When you get to the bottom floor you need to fight the Jewel Beast. After your victory you will get the Frozen Heart AF.

Cactus sprite

Upon Completion: Return home, talk to Lil' Cactus, go downstairs (watch him write the Event on the leaf), and go back upstairs to save your game before continuing.