T he Cage of Dreams

Today is Day


When you get Home you may find your Cactus outside with a dead Sproutling. Note: This Event always happens, but not always at the same time. If you are following this guide here are a couple things to try to get the event to trigger:

Go to the world map and re-enter home a couple times.
Place the next AF in Map/Land Guide.

When the event does trigger: Go into your house to follow the Cactus. Talk to it and then leave your house. Go to the Workshops see the conversation. Leave and talk to Pokiehl outside the Workshops. Go back inside and talk to the wheel when Pokiehl leaves.

Now you'll be in another Dreamworld. Follow path to get to the Sproutling. After all is said and done you will get the Sword of Mana AF.

Cactus sprite

Upon Completion: Return home, talk to Lil' Cactus, go downstairs (watch him write the Event on the leaf), and go back upstairs to save your game before continuing.