G ilbert: Resume for LoveGilbert Arc

Today is Day


Enter Geo. Go to the Palace of Arts (Kristie's Place). Go to the Lower Right of the room and search the statue.

Enter the Ulkan Mines and use the Dudbear Express. Read the book of poems and Roger will come and stop you. Talk to him to start a rumblin'. Re-enter the mines, take the Dudbear Express again, and read the book again. Talk to Roger and follow these directions:

  • Left
  • Down
  • Left
  • Up
  • Up at save statue
  • Up
  • Up
  • Search the statue

Enter Lumina. Go to Monique's Lamp Shop and talk to her.

Enter Madora Beach. Go to the Lighthouse and watch the scenes.

Enter the Ulkan Mines and return to the statue. Help her cast the spell: "Heavens bless the earth with life-giving showers of rain. The ancient memories of Mother Earth fill our souls with bliss. Know the truth that is the ultimate tower of energy for all."


Upon Completion: Return home, talk to Lil' Cactus, go downstairs (watch him write the Event on the leaf), and go back upstairs to save your game before continuing.