Speed Run

Map: from left = 4, from top = 7 (default)

  • Mailbox – Center
  • Colorblocks – Right of Home

Niccolo’s Business Unusual

  • Wheel – above Domina

The Lost Princess

(bottom answers)

  • Jade Egg – right of Domina

After complete:

  • Flame – above Mekiv
  • Firely Lamp – right of Gato
  • Stone Eye – above Lumina
  • Medalion – left of Lake Kilma

Faerie’s Light

  1. Top Level Bear: B, B, A, C
  2. Bottom Level Bear: A, B, B, A, C
  3. Shopping District Bear: B, B, A, C

Monster Corral

  • Trembling Spoon – below Home

HEADS UP: If you are planning on doing a 100% run on a New Game+, make sure to talk to the Cactus in your bedroom after completing this event. This quest is “missable” in the Cactus Log

The Fallen Emperor

  • Skull Lantern – below Underworld
    (Keep Larc)

The Guardian Of Winds

  • Dragon Bone – left of Home
    (Keep Larc)
  • Go Home and get pet

The Field Trip

  • Student in blue along at the top has the Faerie Scales.
  • Male Flowerling in the Lower Right has the Starsparkles.
  • Purple Flowerling near the Middle Right side has the Silver Spotted Mushrooms.

The Ghost Of Nemesis

After complete:
Enter Bone Fortress

  1. Left Stool
  2. Right Stool
  3. Top Stool
  4. Third Floor
  5. Left
  6. Up Stairs
  7. Boss
  8. Left
  9. Lower Right
  10. First Floor
  11. Exit to Map
  • Green Cane – below Bone Fortress

The Dragon Princess

  • Tome of Magic – below White Forest
  • Broken Doll – left of Geo
  • Sand Rose – above Junkyard

The Crimson Dragon

  • Torch of Coral – above Home

Summer Lovin’

  • Moon’s Mirror – left of Madora Beach
  • Rusty Anchor – above Madora Beach
  1. Go Home
  2. Exit to Map
  3. Go Home
  4. Enter House
  5. Exit House

The Cage Of Dreams

  • Sword of Mana – below Domina

Legend Of Mana

The end ;)