Maps/AF Placement Walkthrough

Starting Map
There’s a ton of configurations that you can use to complete The Legend of Mana and get all of the goodies along the way. For this Walkthrough I have chosen the ‘Round the Tree Again map configuration from the “Map/Artifact Placement Guide, version 2.5” found at GameFaqs.

To place your AF’s (Artifacts) efficiently you will need to pick a decent location on the starting world. Click on the image to the right to see where to begin in order to follow this walkthrough.

If you are following the included Walkthrough, you should place your lands in the order listed below. This Land Placement Guide allows you to obtain the following (if you follow the event order exactly as listed):

  • Access to all Events
  • Access to all Mineral Shops
  • Access to all Demi-Human Pets
  • Highest level Weapon Shops
  • Full Mana Levels in Orchard
  • Wimpy Thugling Event