Non-Player Characters


He believes that he brings happiness to his customers with his transactions, but he sometimes plays dirty tricks on them. Dislikes the Sproutlings and Flowerlings.


A monk soldier who protects Gato’s temple. She grew up with Escad, Matilda, and Irwin, but especially adores Matilda like her own sister.


Lisa’s twin brother. He thinks he is a great sorcerer, though he still has much to learn. He was run out of the Academy of Magic because he was too mischievous. His magic frying-pan was once his mother’s.


A better sorcerer than her twin brother. She carries around her father’s broomstick.


Pearl’s knight, and one of the youngest Jumi. He speaks and acts in a rough manner and thus starts the occasional fight.


Born into the Liotte family of Holy Knights. He fights for the cause of justice with an overbearing sense of righteousness.


Elazul’s partner. She sometimes has a tough time speaking clearly, and is also very shy. Has a tendency to wander off and get lost while thinking.


A Jumi knight who devotes herself to leading the Jumi through the threat of extinction. A very logical and level-headed individual.


A beast-warrior who once was a famous hero. He became Drakonis’s dragoon after he died.


A beast-warrior who is Vadise’s dragoon. Never compromises, and always hard on herself as well as others.


A siren who refuses to sing as the result of an accident. Friends with Flameshe and Monique.


A very charming and sometimes childish student at Geo’s Academy of Magic. There are rumors that she may be Nunuzac’s magical monster, or a ghost.

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